SAP EHS Stands for (Environment, Health and Safety) contains all information and capacities one require for the other Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) parts at one main issue. For instance, you can oversee details for different Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) objects (substances, risky merchandise groupings, specialists, squander codes, and packaging) and content modules (known as expressions), and make layouts for Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) reports. It likewise incorporates apparatuses that permit you, for instance, to enter and show dialect subordinate Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) information in every single conceivable dialect in the SAP framework, and to trade information between frameworks.

Sap solutions Institute offers best SAP EHS Training in Hyderabad with most experienced professionals. The Instructors here are working in SAP EHS and related technologies with different companies which helps the students to get implementation knowledge together with the theoretical knowledge they are acquiring in class. Sap solutions is aware of industry needs and are offering SAP EHS Training in Hyderabad in more practical way possible which will help the students to adopt the work in company once they get placed. The syllabus for Sap EHS is formed in match the requirements needed in company starting from the very base level to advance level.

Best SAP EHS Online training with well Experienced Faculty

The major Topics which is covered for Sap EHS online training Hyderabad are Industrial Hygiene and Safety , Waste Management which is taught in two parts, Occupational Health , Reporting System, Legacy System Data Migration, Roles And Profile Definition, Organization Structure, Integration With PP and QM. These parts are taught in great detail to enhance the knowledge of students.

The sap EHS training is also given online which to helps the current employees to brush up their knowledge in some specific part of the module .

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP EHS

The present scenario shows the need for sap EHS .Either the MNC’s or mid core companies all need SAP EHS consultant .The pay is good for this profile which keeps changing with the experience and the type of company one is involved. Beside, this one’s personal interest too is required for development in this field.


  • Tables
  • Includes
  • Variables (Data Types and Data Objects)
  • Structures
  • Internal Table
  • Constants

Program Events

  • Initialization
  • Start of Selection and End of Selection
  • At Selection Screen
  • At Line Selection
  • At User – Command

Standard data transfer program

  • Direct Input Method
  • BDC program
  • Call transaction Program
  • Data Transfer Workbench Concepts
  • Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
  • BAPIs (Introduction as a data transfer method)

Dialog Programming

  • Introduction to Dialog Programming
  • Screen Painter
  • Screen Elements for Input/Output
  • Subscreens
  • Tabstrips
  • Table Controls

Menu Painter

  • Create GUI Status & Title Bar
  • Create Menu Bar for a Screen
  • Define function Keys
  • Create Application Tool Bar for a Screen
  • Screen Flow Logic
  • Understand screen flow logic
  • Create Process After Input and Process before Output modules
  • Use message for error processing
  • Call list processing within a transaction