SAP MM which is abbreviated as sap Material Management is one of the very important module in sap ERP Software.SAP MM application modules support the procurement and inventory operations or functions occurring in day to day business operations in any company. SAP Materials Management as a part of SAP Logistic incorporate a number of distinct areas that together follow the movement of materials from manufacturer to consumer. Logistics is the management of business operations, including the acquisition, storage, transportation, and delivery of goods along the supply chain. Materials Management contains many aspects of SAP functionality, including purchasing, goods receiving, material storage, inventory, and invoicing.

Sap solutions Institute Hyderabad provides students with the best syllabus of sap MM.The course Includes step by step advancement in the course starting with the introductory part which includes of Introduction to sap, Introduction to SAP – ERP, Processes in Procurement , Purchasing, Inventory Management and Physical Inventory and Physical ,Inventory Invoice Verification and more.

One of the important part of sap MM module is procurement or purchasing. This process starts initially when there is requirement of product or service in company depending on the type of company. The purchasing process starts with the creations of

This course of sap mm is also helpful for project members, business analysts, purchasing controllers and staff handling the departments of material planning and inventory management; as an add on module for enhancing their skills. This course is suitable for those wanting to frame a career as SAP functional configurators, consultants or SAP functional analysts in the field of Materials and Manufacturing. There is a package provide for the one who has done this course and sap solution Institute in Hyderabad gives full emphasis to impart the perfect knowledge for this module of sap.

The Institute with the full time classroom classes also gives the provision for the candidates who cannot attend the daily classes by providing the online classes, which makes the learning easy for them.

For one who has intrest in material management SAP MM is surely the right way to go.


  • Tables
  • Includes
  • Variables (Data Types and Data Objects)
  • Structures
  • Internal Table
  • Constants

Program Events

  • Initialization
  • Start of Selection and End of Selection
  • At Selection Screen
  • At Line Selection
  • At User – Command

Standard data transfer program

  • Direct Input Method
  • BDC program
  • Call transaction Program
  • Data Transfer Workbench Concepts
  • Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
  • BAPIs (Introduction as a data transfer method)

Dialog Programming

  • Introduction to Dialog Programming
  • Screen Painter
  • Screen Elements for Input/Output
  • Subscreens
  • Tabstrips
  • Table Controls

Menu Painter

  • Create GUI Status & Title Bar
  • Create Menu Bar for a Screen
  • Define function Keys
  • Create Application Tool Bar for a Screen
  • Screen Flow Logic
  • Understand screen flow logic
  • Create Process After Input and Process before Output modules
  • Use message for error processing
  • Call list processing within a transaction