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SAP CS(Customer Service)

SAP CS(Customer Service) module is an extension of SD module and Plant Maintenance Module. While Plant Maintenance addresses processes in the in house maintenance functions Customer Service handles service provided to the customer. It is mainly used for better customer service as after sale service in the industry. Customer Service module leverages the features provided mainly by the Plant Maintenance and Sales and Distribution modules. Help desk services also forms a part of ERP Customer Service module.

The CS Module consists of all master data, system configuration, and transactions to complete the Service process.

The course focuses on the complete end-to-end implementation of functionality related to the Customer Service module. The SAP CS Course Curriculum provides in depth knowledge about Installed Base Management, Technical Objects, Service Agreements, and Warranties CS - Customer Interaction, Notifications and more.

Customer Service Course details – Content

  1. Overview on Customer service
  2. CS Integration with Other Modules
  3. CS – SD Integration
  4. CS – QM Integration
  5. CS – FI Integration
  6. CS – CO Integration
  7. CS – PP Integration
  8. CS – MM Integration
  9. CS – HR Integration
  10. Organisational elements in Customer service Module
  11. Master data in Customer service
  12. Installed Base Management
  13. Functional Location
  14. Equipment
  15. Serial Number Management
  16. Work Centre
  17. Cost Centre
  18. Activity
  19. Activity Pricing
  20. Warranty & Types
  21. Status Profiles
  22. DIP Profile
  23. In-House Repair Process

. Service Notification
. Repair Order
. Service Order
. Resource Related Billing

  1. Repair-At-Site Process

. Service Notification
. Service Order
. Resource Related Billing

  1. Annual Maintenance Contract Process

. Contracts
. Task Lists
. Maintenance Plan

  1. Third Party Repair Process

. Service Notification
. Service Order
. Resource Related Billing

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